• Industry: Healthcare
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 5/21/2013

Carry out more research 

Carry out more research
The sector would benefit enormously from further research into long term care policy and funding, use of technology, workforce shortages and other issues. At a macro level, an equivalent to the World Health Organization (WHO) Observatory on Health Systems and Policies would help bring together research, results of experiments and policy analysis and urge governments and policy makers to think more innovatively, share experiences and open up public debates on long term care.

Aging impacts people in many ways and can have a significant effect on their functions. The market for elderly-specific products and services appears to be largely untapped, but any company seeking to design new products and services for this audience requires specialist knowledge of the aging process. Such development expertise is largely concentrated in Europe, the US and Japan, where governments are encouraging this industry through incentives and tax breaks, believing that it can contribute to economic growth and stimulate exports. However, when selling overseas, companies must be aware of different cultural norms that can impact design and functionality.


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