• Industry: Healthcare
  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 3/27/2012

Case study: Kaiser Permanente and the Care Connectivity Consortium (CCC) 

In April 2011, five of the US’s largest health systems came together to announce a plan to securely share patient-specific data through a collaboration called the Care Connectivity Consortium.

Building critical mass to drive sustainable change

The companies – Kaiser Permanente, the Mayo Clinic, Geisinger, Intermountain Healthcare and Group Health – share a mission to deliver patient-centred, high-value health care to US citizens, and believe that achieving electronic health information interoperability and connectivity will be critical to achieving that mission.

“The goal of the consortium is clear and is to provide better and safer care through greater data availability,” noted Jamie Ferguson, Vice President of Health IT Strategy and Policy at Kaiser Permanente. “Not only are we committed to sharing patient records in a secure and transparent way within our consortium, but we are also ensuring that any standards we develop are open source and the infrastructure is available to all healthcare providers in the US.”

Individually, each of the five member organizations have been electronic health record pioneers in their own right and have seen first-hand the benefits of greater access to patient data on the care provided within the system. As a group, they have a clear goal to extend the same benefits that exist in each of the systems individually to all patients by connecting all communities – and eventually the nation – in order to improve health care for Americans.

And while the consortium is currently focused on gaining critical mass within the private healthcare system, they have not lost sight of the need to build a fully interoperable and transparent system.

“All of the partners in this collaboration understand, agree and believe that using standardized computable information for systematic integration of care delivery really improves health,” noted Mr. Ferguson. “And by following the national content and exchange standards set out by the government, we know it will be scalable and interoperable with government systems in the long-term.”

By setting a clear goal, emphasising transparency between participants and the healthcare system, and building critical mass, the CCC is successfully driving crowd accelerated innovation through the US health system.


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