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  • Date: 1/24/2013

Women at Davos forum increase their influence through social media, according to KPMG 

Isabelle Allan, Head of Global Sales and Markets, KPMG International:


I’m Isabelle Allen, Head of Global Sales and Markets KPMG, this is my first time at Davos and I have to say that I am very impressed by the number of women delegates I’ve come across in the last 2 days. The level of representation of women here at Davos is quite low about 17 percent. But what is very interesting is that through the service that we are sponsoring WEFlive, which brings together all the social media activity around the Davos conversations. We see that 30 percent of the social media conversations actually arise from women here participating in the debate. We at KPMG feel that this is a very positive development. One where women are truly embracing a progressive channel of the social media to get their voice heard and heard louder in the conversation. Surely this is a sign that going forward women will take a bigger place and play a bigger role in the Davos conversations.

New data from KPMG International shows that women delegates are playing an increasingly prominent role in the public discussion from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. While about 17 percent of WEF delegates in Davos are women, they have accounted for more than a third of Davos delegate social media activity.

Analysis of delegates' Twitter activity, presented by KPMG website shows that, on day one of the Davos meeting, delegates sent 2,376 tweets, of which 784 were from female attendees (excludes media, who accounted for 1,958 tweets, 45 percent of total).

Trending terms based on tweets from women delegates at the WEF

World Economic Forum Live - 23 January 2013

KPMG's research also highlighted the growing involvement of the general public in the online debate with Davos delegates with a 31 percent increase in retweets, showing greater engagement with the discussions emanating from Davos:

2012 – day one 2013 – day one
Delegates with Twitter accounts 459 810
(580 excl. media)
Tweets 4436 4368
Replies 8021 8205
Retweets 18718 27114
Top trending topics 'Angela Merkel', 'Europe' and 'People' Europe (#eu, #europe, #euspeech), 'David Cameron'

Isabelle Allen, KPMG's Global Head of Sales & Markets said, "our analysis shows that Davos is changing and becoming more diverse, and that there is an appetite among the public to take part in these debates. Delegates are paying attention to this social media activity, and I see a great opportunity for a better informed dialogue at the Meeting."

Women at this year's annual summit actively using social media to communicate their messages to a wider audience beyond Davos include Christine Lagarde (Managing Director, IMF, Twitter: @Lagarde), Helen Clark (former Prime Minister New Zealand, @HelenClarkUNDP) and Dalia Ziada (award-winning Egyptian women's rights advocate - @daliaziada).

While the media delegation to Davos averaged three retweets for every tweet they posted (1,936 tweets to 5,629 retweets), 'Public figures' averaged 17.5 retweets for every tweet they posted (433 tweets to 7,591 retweets), including Mario Monti (78 retweets, 16 replies), Christine Lagarde (89 retweets, 95 replies) and David Cameron (79 retweets, 47 replies) -- demonstrating the power of social media to enable the public and political leaders to engage more directly.

About World Economic Forum Live

World Economic Forum Live (, presented by KPMG International (Twitter @KPMG), distills in real-time the conversations from delegates to Davos who are using Twitter to share their views. Users can filter tweets based on the type of content (articles, images, video) and delegate type (from media and journalists, to technology leaders, public figures, social entrepreneurs and official WEF tweets) and even search for specific trends, hashtags and keywords. The site features a real-time infographic that presents trending topics from Davos alongside the broader conversation from Twitter users around the globe using #WEF or #Davos in their tweets.

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