Water - tapping alternative delivery models 

In the developed world we take for granted our access to clean, plentiful and cheap water. In emerging economies, lack of access to a clean, affordable water supply severely compromises health, welfare and the economy.

To sustain our access in developed economies and create access in emerging economies to an appropriate water supply requires significant investment and "tapping" of new ownership, funding, regulatory and operating models, including mechanics, to create a conservation ethic.

This webcast explores the status of investment needs, structures and interests in water infrastructure by leading entities which have extended their power platform. We look at emerging opportunities and the relative merits of traditional water development and supply models and alternative models that could be the basis for broader investor interest and development including the potential for greater institutional investor participation.

The presenters of this webcast, Mary Hemmingsen, Partner KPMG in Canada and Bastien Simeon, KPMG’s Global Head of Water, attempt to relate key elements of a framework for greater investment and improved water access including any borrowed features from the power and utility sector.


This is the second webcast of our three webcast series in support of KPMG’s Global Power & Utilities Conference 2014. View the other two webcasts here:






Mary Hemmingsen

Mary Hemmingsen

Advisory Services, Leader for LNG and Power and Utilities, KPMG in Canada

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Bastien Simeon

Bastien Simeon

KPMG’s Global Head of Water

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