Tax opportunities arising from the shale gas revolution 

Shale gas has become a ‘game changer’ in the chemicals sector, providing access to secure, readily available and affordable feedstock supplies.

As shale gas volumes are expected to increase, those operating in the chemicals sector need to consider the tax implications and opportunities, but also the need to review and update tax risk mitigation practices to best take advantage of the ‘shale opportunity’.

This Webcast looks at how shale gas will impact the chemicals sector and what companies operating in the sector need to consider when taking advantage of the tax related opportunities.

Leading the Webcast are Jeroen Kuppens and Frobert van Zijl, both of KPMG in the Netherlands, who have strong knowledge and experience with taxation opportunities and challenges in the chemical sector.

This Webcast is a must for chemical C-suite and directors who are involved in taxation, finance and operations.


Jeroen Kuppens

Jeroen Kuppens

Director, Transfer Pricing, KPMG in the Netherlands

+31206 561424

Frobert van Zijl

Frobert van Zijl

Senior Manager, Management Consulting, KPMG in the Netherlands

+31206 564563