Global Business Services – Revealed and De-Hyped 

After all the publicity about Global Business Service (GBS), we bring you the real industry picture of where enterprises are today with their operations maturity and desire to adopt the view of a GBS model in the energy industry.

KPMG and HfS have spoken to a number of major energy companies throughout September, including more than one hundred executives in leadership roles, to get the insight on their operations and how they intend to approach the tenets of GBS to achieve their business objectives and return on investment.

Why you should view webcast:


  • Energy companies across the world are moving towards a more integrated and centralized sourcing model for managing operations.
  • We showcase industries that are more focused on GBS versus a siloed shared services and outsourcing.
  • We provide assessment of enterprise maturity across people, processes, technology, operational structure and strategy


We also walk through a case study demonstrating how a major energy company has gone through the GBS journey.

Decision makers who are involved with business strategy, operations and financing are recommended to view this webcast. It lasts 60 minutes, and concludes with a question and answer segment.





Juvanus Tjandra

Juvanus Tjandra

ASEAN SSOA Partner, KPMG in Singapore

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Mohammad Zafar Ali

Mohammad Zafar Ali

Director, KPMG in Singapore

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Tim Rockell

Tim Rockell

Director, KPMG Global Energy Institute, Asia Pacific

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