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Global Exchanges

The global exchanges article series looks at key issues in the stock exchange space from the perspective of executives at stock exchanges across the world.
Modified date: 11/12/2014
Publication series

The conduct agenda and its impact on the product lifecycle

Regulators are focused not only on improving the robustness of the financial system but also on ensuring that it delivers high quality outcomes.
Modified date: 9/22/2014
Business and industry issue

Dark pools: In the spotlight again

Dark pools will not be regulated out of existence. But they present a threat when the volumes traded become a significant part of market activity.
Modified date: 9/25/2014
Business and industry issue

The hard side of soft controls: The 7 elements of building a foundation of trust from the inside out

All organizations need to develop a robust set of hard and soft controls if they are to behave with integrity and earn the trust of stakeholders.
Modified date: 1/20/2014
Business and industry issue

Derivatives reporting: Deadline looming

The financial crisis focused intense scrutiny on complex derivatives especially those instruments traded off registered exchanges on the OTC market.
Modified date: 10/21/2014
Business and industry issue

New pressure on investment management: Regulating remuneration

It is generally conceded that inappropriate incentives and remuneration structures led to unwelcome behavior in investment management firms.
Modified date: 9/22/2014
Business and industry issue

Regulatory reporting: Challenges for markets and for regulators

A systematic and comprehensive approach is essential to developing a sustainable compliance and risk management program.
Modified date: 1/20/2014
Business and industry issue

Focus on Transparency – Financial reporting of European banks

Focus on Transparency is KPMG’s annual in-depth analysis of Europe’s largest banks financial results.
Modified date: 7/24/2014
Benchmarking study; Survey report; White paper

Moving on - The scope for better regulation in banking

This publication focuses on the cumulative impact of regulatory change on the wider economy – in particular, economic growth.
Modified date: 7/24/2014
Regulatory update; White paper

Conduct regulations and culture change

Regulators’ conduct agenda will require banks to better meet customer needs and reinvent cultures, impacting costs, client pricing and choice.
Modified date: 2/6/2014
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update; White paper
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