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Liquidity - A bigger challenge than capital

This report explores the challenges for global banks arising from the new liquidity ratios introduced by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
Modified date: 2/4/2014
Business and industry issue

Customer experience barometer – spotlight on banks

Despite all of the challenges faced by the bank sector over the past six years, customers still report fairly high levels of satisfaction with their banking experiences.
Modified date: 5/25/2014
Survey report

The Great Payments Transformation

By now, it should be clear to anyone involved in payments that the epicenter of our industry is moving East. The Great Payments Transformation is a series of articles aimed at cutting through the complexity of the Asian payments market.
Modified date: 3/19/2014
Business and industry issue; Publication series

A tectonic shift: The rise of Asia as a payments superpower

By 2015, Asia’s purchasing volume is set to double that of the United States. Edge Zarrella and David Sayer discuss how China can harness its payments volume to drive global competitive advantage.
Modified date: 12/26/2012
Business and industry issue

Improving cross-selling performance in retail banking

Successful cross-selling enables needs-based conversations with customers by aligning enablers across sales force, infrastructure and products.
Modified date: 3/18/2013
Regulatory update

Why KPMG for customer experience?

KPMG member firms understand that – to achieve sustainable growth – organizations need to place their customers at the heart of everything they do.
Modified date: 5/25/2014
Survey report

Reinventing money

Consumer payments are being transformed by mobile technology that offers higher convenience while reducing retailers’ operating costs and improving customer loyalty.
Modified date: 6/17/2014
Business and industry issue

Evolving Banking Regulation

The journey towards the re-shaped financial sector continues, with the implementation of current regulation and major new proposals. Our report provides you with a comprehensive analysis of how the current reform is reshaping the way banks work.
Modified date: 4/4/2014
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update; White paper

The global challenge of liquidity - Compliance to business advantage

The strengthening of Basel III’s capital adequacy requirements in the upcoming global standards for managing liquidity risk will pose a greater challenge for banks.
Modified date: 7/5/2013
White paper

Bruised but not broken: The global banking growth agenda

23 interviews were conducted with senior executives at some of the world’s largest banks and at banking associations on the subject of regulation.
Modified date: 7/24/2013
Benchmarking study
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