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Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting

The KPMG International Corporate Responsibility Reporting Survey 2011 is the most comprehensive survey of Corporate Responsibility (CR) reporting trends ever published.
Modified date: 4/7/2014
Press release

Global profiles of the fraudster

KPMG analysis of 596 fraudsters member firms investigated and the constantly changing nature of fraud and the fraudster.
Modified date: 11/22/2013
Survey report

Expectations of risk management outpacing capabilities

The survey seeks to explore how effectively companies are integrating a holistic governance, risk and compliance (GRC) framework throughout the enterprise.
Modified date: 9/16/2014
Survey report

The broadening role of General Counsel

KPMG International’s insights into the broadening role of General Counsel and their increasing involvement in matters that are not strictly legal.
Modified date: 5/20/2014
Survey report

High growth markets

The regular magazine from the High Growth Markets group.
Modified date: 9/18/2014
Business and industry issue; Publication series

Executive Talks

A video series featuring interviews with senior leaders from global firms discussing key procurement challenges and trends.
Modified date: 9/26/2014
Publication series

Global profiles of the fraudster

KPMG’s analysis of the constantly changing nature of fraud and the fraudster.
Modified date: 11/28/2013
Survey report

Talent management – Playing for keeps

This article highlights the importance of creating a company-wide framework for attracting, motivating and retaining finance talent.
Modified date: 8/5/2014
Survey report

Reliable forecasting – Expect the unexpected

This article reviews the use of data analytics and integrated business planning processes to support reliable forecasting techniques.
Modified date: 8/5/2014
Survey report

Lean finance – Foundation for success

This article reviews how lean finance concepts can help optimize finance operations and reduce inefficiencies in conducting basic finance activities.
Modified date: 8/5/2014
Survey report
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