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Global cloud surveys

KPMG’s 2012 global survey looks at cloud business trends and assesses how cloud providers around the world are building a compelling argument for their customers to migrate to the cloud.
Modified date: 5/21/2014
Survey report

The broadening role of General Counsel

KPMG International’s insights into the broadening role of General Counsel and their increasing involvement in matters that are not strictly legal.
Modified date: 5/20/2014
Survey report

Unlocking the Value of Social Investment

This report is intended to help corporate responsibility managers and others involved in designing and delivering social investments.
Modified date: 8/27/2014
Business and industry issue

Over the horizon: General Counsel Report 2014

KPMG International’s global study of how corporate counsel is crossing frontiers to address new challenges through in-depth interviews.
Modified date: 9/17/2014
Survey report

Companies invest billions in social programs but impact is uncertain, says KPMG

New research published by KPMG International reveals that few of 100 of the world's largest companies are reporting the impact social investments are having on the people they are intended to help.
Modified date: 5/21/2014
Press release

Water Scarcity: A dive into global reporting trends

This edition of Sustainable Insight explores how the world’s major businesses are approaching water scarcity via corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting.
Modified date: 10/2/2014
Publication series

Cloud Strategies for Public Sector in CEE

Cloud Strategies for Public Sector in CEE provides basic definitions of cloud services as well as its potential benefits and risks.
Modified date: 9/2/2014
Survey report

Expect the Unexpected: Building business value in a changing world

KPMG explores 10 sustainability megaforces set to impact business over the next 20 year.
Modified date: 9/2/2014
White paper

High Growth Markets magazine – Unleashing Africa’s potential

This latest issue of High Growth Markets examines opportunities and challenges that exist in emerging economies for global investors.
Modified date: 9/19/2014
Business and industry issue

Global profiles of the fraudster

KPMG analysis of 596 fraudsters member firms investigated and the constantly changing nature of fraud and the fraudster.
Modified date: 11/22/2013
Survey report
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