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Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting

The KPMG International Corporate Responsibility Reporting Survey 2011 is the most comprehensive survey of Corporate Responsibility (CR) reporting trends ever published.
Modified date: 4/7/2014
Press release

Global profiles of the fraudster

KPMG analysis of 596 fraudsters member firms investigated and the constantly changing nature of fraud and the fraudster.
Modified date: 11/22/2013
Survey report

M&A Predictor – January 2014

This issue of the M&A Predictor shows a growing appetite for deals in 2014 with predicted forward P/E ratios up 16 percent compared to 12 months ago.
Modified date: 8/11/2014
Survey report

M&A Predictor – August 2014

KPMG’s M&A Predictor is a forward-looking tool that helps member firm clients to forecast worldwide trends in mergers and acquisitions.
Modified date: 9/3/2014
Survey report

Capitalizing on Sustainability in Mining

Mining companies can leverage sustainable development to tackle resource constraints and socio-political challenges in remote areas in the world.
Modified date: 8/14/2014
Business and industry issue

Expect the Unexpected: Building business value in a changing world

KPMG explores 10 sustainability megaforces set to impact business over the next 20 year.
Modified date: 9/2/2014
White paper

Community Investment in South Africa

Focusing of 4 key components including Overview of the Social and Labour Plans (SLP).
Modified date: 9/16/2014
Business and industry issue

Global Metals Outlook: Manufacturing resilience

This report explores the global trends shaping the future of the metals manufacturing industry as companies look to manage risks.
Modified date: 10/1/2013
Business and industry issue

KPMG Mining Operational Excellence Framework

Capabilities necessary to assure the CEO that "operation" will be able to adapt to support their hunt for the next opportunity, whatever its nature.
Modified date: 5/28/2014
Business and industry issue

Growth in a time of scarcity: Managing transactions in the mining sector

This guide discusses how mining companies can best navigate the asset life cycle, and covers the five key elements of the transaction phase.
Modified date: 2/3/2014
Business and industry issue
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