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The Application of IFRS: Food, drink and consumer goods companies

The publication focuses on key IFRS accounting issues facing food, drink and consumer goods companies and the companies’ approaches to address them.
Modified date: 9/25/2013
Business and industry issue

Customer experience barometer – spotlight on e-retailers

With the highest scores for customer experience across all sectors, e-retailers offer some valuable lessons for other service-based organizations.
Modified date: 5/25/2014
Survey report

Issues monitor: food, drink and consumer goods

Each edition of Issues monitor pulls together and shares our firms' industry-wide knowledge to help you quickly and easily get briefed on issues impacting the food, drink and consumer goods sector.
Modified date: 6/13/2012
Publication series

Trend Spotting: Turn browsers into buyers

Trend Spotting – Turn browsers into buyers explores how retailers can woo customers to buy in-store versus online.
Modified date: 6/17/2013
Business and industry issue

First person: Diversification is healthy, says McCain President and CEO

McCain Foods expansion strategy and insight from CEO Dirk Van de Put on acquisitions, emerging markets and product diversification.
Modified date: 6/17/2013
Business and industry issue

Would you like some pineapple cheesecake with that jacket?

Innovative Business Model for Retailers explores how retailers are keeping customers in-store to increase sales.
Modified date: 8/6/2014
Business and industry issue

Can malls be reinvented?

Shopping malls are evolving to attract shoppers and compete with online shopping, including museums, water parks and entertainment to retain customer.
Modified date: 9/23/2014
Business and industry issue

The older, the better

Purchasing power of older consumers, and how retailers can tap into this demographic. The mature consumer is emerging as a powerful economic force.
Modified date: 6/17/2013
Business and industry issue

A taste for the future

Case study The Strauss Group: using strategic joint ventures to become a global player
Modified date: 6/17/2013
Business and industry issue

The Power of China

China’s luxury goods industry and developing Chinese luxury brands that the world wants to buy; Chinese customers’ preferences and China’s consumers.
Modified date: 8/19/2013
Business and industry issue
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