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Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting

The KPMG International Corporate Responsibility Reporting Survey 2011 is the most comprehensive survey of Corporate Responsibility (CR) reporting trends ever published.
Modified date: 1/30/2015
Press release

Global profiles of the fraudster

KPMG analysis of 596 fraudsters member firms investigated and the constantly changing nature of fraud and the fraudster.
Modified date: 11/22/2013
Survey report

Mining risk and assurance

Eight key drivers of value and the associated risks are identified for mining companies.
Modified date: 1/20/2015
Business and industry issue; Publication series; White paper

Commodity insights bulletins

Series of bulletins focusing on key mining commodities. Each bulletin is aimed to provide insight into trends, issues and changes within the key mining commodity sectors.
Modified date: 6/23/2015
Publication series

Valuing social investment in mining

Strategic investments in communities should create value for both the beneficiary and the investor.
Modified date: 1/15/2015
Business and industry issue

Mining risk and assurance: A survival strategy

8 key drivers of value and the associated risks are identified for mining companies. To become master, org needs a risk and assurance strategy.
Modified date: 1/14/2015
Business and industry issue; Publication series; White paper

Water Scarcity: A dive into global reporting trends

This edition of Sustainable Insight explores how the world’s major businesses are approaching water scarcity via corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting.
Modified date: 11/10/2014
Publication series

Guinea mining guide

Guinea has some of the world’s largest high-grade bauxite and iron ore reserves, but has been largely unable to benefit , due to sustained instability
Modified date: 8/25/2014
Business and industry issue

Mozambique mining guide

Mozambique’s mining sector is growing and is on track to become one of the largest coal exporters globally by 2017.
Modified date: 10/9/2013
Publication series

Democratic Republic of Congo mining guide

The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) mining sector presents a high-risk high-return opportunity.
Modified date: 10/7/2014
Business and industry issue
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