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Changing the geopolitics of oil

Oil trade and investment between the Gulf and Asia are becoming mutually strategic; report focuses on pressing economic and other challenges the region faces.
Modified date: 8/25/2014
Business and industry issue; White paper

Rethinking Human Resources

Rethinking Human Resources for a Changing World is a comprehensive 2012 study of the future of HR, sponsored by KPMG International and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.
Modified date: 5/21/2014
Survey report

Country perspectives on taxing the cloud

KPMG member firms take a look at how tax authorities are approaching the challenge of cloud computing, by examining the potential taxes applied.
Modified date: 11/11/2013
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update; Survey report

KPMG Green Tax Index

KPMG Green Tax Index
Modified date: 3/27/2014
Survey report

Commodity trading companies

This report is aimed at helping energy and natural resources companies understand the substantial benefits and risk management issues involved in these complex operations.
Modified date: 5/19/2014
Business and industry issue; White paper

Diamond Q4 2013 and Q1 2014

The spectre of synthetic diamonds also continues to rear its head as a potential threat to the industry.
Modified date: 8/27/2014
Publication series

A leader in the Oil & Gas industry

KPMG Global Oil & Gas practice assists major organizations in the oil and gas industry to respond to industry trends across many regions worldwide.
Modified date: 5/8/2014
Business and industry issue

Locations compared

An overview on what makes a good location for international commodity trading & highlights specific policies of today’s most used global locations.
Modified date: 2/6/2014
Business and industry issue; White paper

Key findings

Includes a summary of the report’s important observations and insights about the trend toward centralized commodity trading.
Modified date: 5/8/2014
Business and industry issue; White paper

Commodity trading companies – Looking ahead

This section describes the key trends in the international commodity trading industry and some insights into the future in regards to the locations.
Modified date: 5/8/2014
Business and industry issue; White paper
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