Managing third party risk in the global chemicals market 

In the global chemicals sector, third party tank storage suppliers could be well positioned to grow, despite the mixed economic conditions. To reap the full benefits third party suppliers need to implement operational excellence, as this will contribute to reducing costs and position themselves as a reliable, specialized and safe partner for multinational chemical companies.

The Webcast looks at three potential growth areas for tank storage that have been growing trade imbalances; ongoing growth and specialization of the chemicals industry in China and the increased risk perception driven by ongoing further regulation.

It also reviews and considers:

  • The tank storage landscape in the chemicals sector
  • Growth drivers for third party players
  • How operational excellence can support growth aspirations

Leading the Webcast will be two of KPMG’s experienced professionals, Frobert van Zijl and Camal Handor from KPMG in the Netherlands; both have many years of supply chain and chemical industry experience.

This Webcast is a must for chemical C-suite and directors who are involved in supply chain management and operations.

Frobert van Zijl

Frobert van Zijl

Senior Manager, Management Consulting, KPMG in the Netherlands

+31206 564563

Camal Handor

Camal Handor

Director, Management Consulting

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