Line of Business publications 

The purpose of these publications is to consider the impact of IFRS requirements for various line of business (LOB) companies. These publications include surveys of companies who apply IFRS and contains survey results and commentary on key accounting areas for LOB companies.
What’s the impact on insurance companies?
Accounting for revenue is changing
The Application of IFRS: Retail companies
The Application of IFRS:FDCG
Current trends in central bank
IFRS for investment funds
Segment reporting
Revenue recognition for building and construction
measurement of financial assets
Progress report on phase II
Oil and Gas
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Media companies
The Application of IFRS: Technology companies
Impact of IFRS: Telecoms
Impact of IFRS: Automotive
Revenue recognition for telecoms - 2010/12
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media companies
application of IFRS rollup
New on the horizon
Accounting under IFRS: Telecoms
Application of IFRS: Mining — September 2009
Oil and gas

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