Better sustainability reporting 

Integrating corporate responsibility reporting in mainstream reporting demonstrates the connection between corporate responsibility and business operations and strategy. But many companies are finding that different information is required in order to connect with their investors.

We believe reporting content should be driven by the business model and should link to strategy and potential for future value creation and defence. Reporters need to distinguish between different categories of corporate responsibility issues – different reporting approaches and performance measures are needed for each.

Better CSR

Better corporate responsibility reporting (PDF 490 KB)

Many CSR reports are failing to connect with investors. A one-size fits all approach to reporting every CSR issue may be to blame. In this article we suggest how reporting needs to be adapted for four categories of issue in order to stay relevant to readers' decision-making.

CSR relevance

Making your corporate responsibility report relevant (PDF 1.3 MB)

Environmental, social, and governance issues are having an increasing impact on companies' ability to operate and generate a profit. Shareholders need to understand how these issues are being managed but reporting needs to evolve to support this.

Carrots and Sticks

Carrots and sticks

An overview of mandatory and voluntary approaches to sustainability reporting and assurance around the world.

CSR Survey

KPMG international corporate responsibility survey 2011

Ninety-five percent of the 250 largest companies in the world (G250 companies) now report on their corporate responsibility activities. We provide the definitive snapshot of the evolving state of corporate responsibility reporting.

Sustainable Insight

Sustainable insight: Expect the unexpected

We identify ten sustainability megaforces that will impact business over the next 20 years. Does your current reporting explain how your business is being developed and protected from these forces?

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Bridging the gap between Integrated Reporting and GRI G4 Reporting

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This thought leadership, Bridging the gap between and GRI G4 Reporting, aims to provide an understanding of the interactions between Integrated Reporting and GRI G4.