Value Chain Management 

There are real benefits when businesses incorporate tax planning into the design of supply chain structures.

KPMG’s value chain management practice can help companies integrating tax planning into business operations to help maximize growth opportunities, minimize expenses and risk, enhance return on investment, and drive efficiencies across operations.


A World in Transition

A World in Transition: Managing the Transfer Pricing Implications of Complex Supply Chains

This new publication from KPMG's Global Transfer Pricing Services focuses on three discrete types of supply chain issues.

The Power of Procurement

The Power of Procurement

The report highlights that procurement functions need to extend their activities and take on a more strategic role within the organization.

Supply Chain Complexity

Supply Chain Complexity: Managing Constant Change

This report summarises the key findings and highlights which sectors are winning in the pursuit of supply chain maturity and which still require substantial work and effort.

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Matthias kaut

Matthias Kaut

KPMG’s Global Head of Value Chain Management

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KPMG Global Tax App
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