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KPMG’s extensive Trade & Customs experience—and broad international business understanding—can help companies identify cost-savings opportunities around the world and manage compliance risks. Through a broad range of trade advisory services, Trade & Customs (T&C) professionals can provide advice that may help companies reduce supply chain costs and achieve operational efficiencies. And through our risk management services, we can address regulatory risks associated with cross-border shipping and transactions to help organizations comply with applicable regulations.

Working with a network of trade and customs professionals from KPMG International member firms around the world, we can help you address complex requirements associated with global trade operations. When addressing intricate cross-border issues, we are able to draw upon the local knowledge and experience of a network of more than 400 talented professionals covering 80 countries.


Meeting the challenges, realizing the benefits of cross-border trade
The benefits of global trade can be immense. However, the process of establishing and maintaining efficient cross-border operations often presents a host of complex challenges for companies. Management must keep costs down to maintain their companies’ strategic advantage. At the same time, companies must ensure compliance with local laws and regulations associated with cross-border trade.


These challenges can be overwhelming. Meeting them starts with finding a trade and customs adviser that can provide a new perspective—one that sees beyond the present, and beyond borders, to reduce complexity and help you make sound decisions.


That is the type of adviser multinational companies find in KPMG firms. KPMG T&C professionals bring a big-picture perspective to the cross-border trade environment—a perspective that reflects our forward-thinking attitude and global mindset. Now add our extensive knowledge of trade and customs practices around the world and the type of value we can offer clients becomes clear. We have a deep understanding of import and export laws and regulations, the global supply chain, and trade processes and controls that can be customized to a business unit, company, or industry.


This value is built on our understanding that your goods are moving around the globe at a fast pace and that events on the other side of the globe influence your operations and strategy. In response, KPMG firms offer a wide range of services that can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and mitigate risk issues related to conducting cross-border business.


Global Reach. Trade & Customs professionals from KPMG member firms across the world work closely together. When addressing complex cross-border issues, we are able to draw upon the local knowledge and experience of a network of more than 400 talented professionals covering 80 countries.


Depth of Experience. Trade & Customs professionals include former U.S. Customs Border Protection (CBP) import specialists and field auditors; former Bureau of Industry and Security personnel; customs brokers and certified customs specialists; professionals with advanced degrees in business, economics, and law; and experienced technology, transportation, and logistics professionals. We have the in-depth background to help you identify trade issues and opportunities as well as implement the processes and approaches to enhance your competitive advantage.


Familiarity with the Regulatory Environment. Trade & Customs professionals have extensive experience in interacting with U.S. and non-U.S. customs authorities and other government agency officials on the application of various trade programs and regulatory requirements.


Multidisciplinary Approach. Trade & Customs professionals collaborate with KPMG professionals from the audit, tax, and advisory disciplines to provide balanced, holistic planning ideas. We also work closely with KPMG’s international tax, supply chain, and transfer pricing professionals to provide robust, well-rounded advice.


Industry Exposure. KPMG professionals have experience working with manufacturers, retailers, and vendors from a wide range of countries. Clients represent a diverse range of industry sectors, including, among others, aerospace and defense, apparel and textiles, automotive, oil and gas, consumer goods and retail, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications.


Meet the Global Trade & Customs Team

KPMG’s extensive Trade & Customs experience—and broad international business understanding—can help companies identify cost-savings opportunities.

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Doug Zuvich

Doug Zuvich

Global Practice Leader for Trade & Customs

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