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Our key mining commodities include: Copper, Diamond, Gold, Iron Ore, Metallurgical Coal, Nickel, Platinum, Thermal Coal, Uranium and Zinc.


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Diamond | 2013 – Q2 & Q3

The international diamond sector witness the successful conclusion to the migration of the De Beers Global Sightholder Sales (DBGSS) on 11 – 14 November 2013 in Gaborone.

Iron Ore | 2013 – Q2 & Q3

The capital markets view of resource companies would disagree but for iron ore exporters 2013 was a good year.

Metallurgical Coal | 2013 – Q2 & Q3

The metallurgical coal market continues to be one that has good long-term prospects, as frontier and more established countries have continued needs for steel, as do developed countries replacing and repairing existing infrastructure, buildings, etc.

Platinum | 2013 – Q2 & Q3

As expected the year following the Marikana event has been a bumpy period for the Platinum industry in South Africa.

Thermal Coal | 2013 – Q2 & Q3

With regional demand for coal shifting across Europe (economic conditions) and North America, coal producers across the world are increasingly looking to the Asia Pacific region to underpin demand growth.

Nickel | 2013 – Q2 & Q3

2013 has continued to be a very difficult year for nickel producers.

Uranium | 2013 – Q2 & Q3

The uranium market is in short-term pain.

Copper | 2013 – Q2 & Q3

Copper pricing has experienced a relative stability over the last 5 months to November 2013.

Archive: Commodity Insights Bulletins

Welcome to our KPMG archived series of bulletins focusing on key mining commodities. Each bulletin is aimed to provide insight into trends, issues and changes within the key mining commodity sectors.

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