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KPMG’s IDAS Global Center of Excellence produces thought leadership that takes a closer look at the issues facing the development sector to help spur discussion and share our opinions on how we can improve the realities for people living in the developing world.

Change Readiness Index

Change Readiness
The Change Readiness Index assesses the ability of 90 countries (developed and developing) to manage change and cultivate the resulting opportunity.

Managing change and cultivating opportunity

Managing change and cultivating opportunity
This paper discusses the need for a reliable method to measure the capability of developing countries to manage change.

Responsible Business Advancing Peace

Responsible Business Advancing Peace
Responsible Business Advancing Peace - A joint UN Global Compact (UNGC) and Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) document that was written by KPMG.

Issues Monitor: International Development Assistance Services

IDAS August 2013
Gender gap
Potable Water


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Timothy A. A. Stiles

Global Chair, International Development Assistance Services

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Trevor Davies

Trevor Davies

Global Head, International Development Assistance Services Center of Excellence

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KPMG IDAS capabilities brochure

International Development Assistance Services
At KPMG, we are on the front lines helping to tackle the challenges of the developing world. We work closely with emerging market stakeholders to create sustainable change and effective, accountable service delivery.
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