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In this page, you will be guided to better understand in which areas KPMG is engaged with the EU institutions, from the European Commission to European Parliament and EU agencies; which areas we monitor closely and finally how we are actively involved in helping the EU institutions in delivering in alignment with the objectives set in Agenda 2020.

EU Services

The KPMG EU Office is the central point of contact with the EU institutions. Based in Brussels in the EU area, our team is:

  • conducting engagements that are outsourced by EU institutions where we have competences to deliver;
  • following / monitoring ‘hot’ issues across many sectors that can have an impact on our work, and vice-versa
  • issuing studies and though leadership that might also impact EU policies ( ie ageing population, structural funding absorption report)
  • involved in monitoring regulatory developments (i.e. financial services) and take part in selected consultations;
  • is playing as an active stakeholder (i.e. participating in CSR Europe on a voluntary basis);

We have been able to mobilse KPMG across its EU-28 practices in a network dedicated to service the EU institutions. We provide to the EU institutions services  principally with our audit, tax and advisory expertise.

Working towards a better future for Europe

Our specialists from the KPMG network conduct audits and a broad array of advisory services.

The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013

CRR survey
Global trends in Corporate Responsibility reporting across 41 countries and a deep-dive into CR reporting quality among the world’s largest companies.

Future State 2030

Future State 2030
Future State 2030: A series that explores how governments must respond to the global megatrends driving change into 2030.

2013 Change Readiness Index

2013 Change Readiness Index
View the 2013 Change Readiness Index report, which provides high-level results of the 2013 CRI.

KPMG and the EU

EU Institutions play a vital role in driving economic development and social welfare in Europe and across the developing world via EuropeAid and EEAS. KPMG has recently put Infrastructure Government and Healthcare (IGH) as one of the top priorities for the network at Global level. This is translated in a major investment in those sectors particularly thought leadership research done to help streamline operational efficiency while leveraging on leading practices and technology.

Recent and ongoing EU engagements

KPMG is currently providing a range of services across EU Institutions, DGs, Agencies. We are currently working with :

DG Budget, DG CONNECT, EuropeAid, DG Markt, DG RTD, DG MOVE, DG AGRI, DG REGIO, Joint Undertakings, Council and several EU agencies.

KPMG’s EU Office

To accelerate access to resources and specialised industry knowledge for our EU clients, KPMG has a dedicated EU Office to facilitate and encourage the transfer of such knowledge and skills across Europe more efficiently. We are located in Brussels, in the EU headquarters within walking distance of the European Parliament, and comprise a team of specialists who oversee KPMG relationships with EU institutions. We are also closely monitoring EU developments such as Europe2020, climate change, regulation of financial services, direct and indirect taxation, energy and transport, immigration, health, external borders, pre-accession, Horizon 2020 and so on.

The team liaises with KPMG’s European and worldwide network of member firms and specialists, present in 145 countries, regarding a wide range of services. For KPMG involvement into development services, KPMG EU Office works closely with our dedicated international team called IDAS (International Development Assistance Services).

We are already working with the EU providing services in :

  • Audits and controls of EU spending
  • Public Financial management
  • Financial Services
  • Sustainability & climate change services
  • Infrastructure and transport
  • Evaluation of EU policies
  • Justice and security incl cyber security,
  • Fraud and forensics
  • Tax
  • Regulatory
  • External Aid
  • and others sectors  such as ICT, Healthcare, CSR, Education, People and Change

Olaf Buske

Olaf Buske

EU Lead Partner

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Mercedes Sanchez Varela

Mercedes Sanchez Varela

EU Office Partner

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