KPMG’s Global Power & Utilities network advises state-owned providers, global and national power and utilities businesses, and service companies across many regions worldwide. Through our Global Energy network you can access valuable thought leadership, events and webcasts developed for the Power & Utilities sector in the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Europe, Middle East & Africa region.

Responding to industry issues

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)



The LNG industry is venturing into new territory as it approaches an unprecedented wave of expansion.


Shale Gas: A new global energy landscape


Shale Gas is transforming the energy sector, with the exploitation of significant shale reserves in various regions it is changing the face of the energy sector.



KPMG Global Energy Conference


KPMG Global Power & Utilities Conference


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Transactions: Expanding your business


Energy companies are managing their risks and obligations, while moving to grow and focus their business through investments and transactions.

Major Projects: Investing in the future



Energy companies reevaluate their projects to ensure it will deliver value of the business, while ensuring effective risk and project management, controls and practices apply. 

Register: Global Energy Institute

KPMG encourages visitors to register for the Global Energy Institute in either the North or Latin America, EMEA or ASPAC regions.

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John Kunasek

John Kunasek

Head of Power & Utilities, Americas

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Michael Salcher

Michael Salcher

Head of Power & Utilities, EMA and Chair, Global Energy Institute, EMA

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Sharad Somani

Sharad Somani

Head of Power & Utilities, ASPAC

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