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Higher capital requirements, simplified legal structures, shrinking spreads, cost of regulatory burden and overall market volatility are just some of the challenges investment banking participants face in this new era. KPMG’s global member firms deal with these issues daily in addition to FATCA, EMIR and Volcker Rule compliance, covered funds, operations and technology, trade surveillance and OTC derivatives reporting. We offer professional services to investment banks, exchanges, hedge funds, financial intermediaries (ie. clearing houses) as well as wholesale banks at local, national and global levels.

Smart market participants are seizing this time of change and rethinking their business models, delivery channels, infrastructure, products, services, and optimizing their operations as they expand into new markets to meet the new and demanding needs of their clients. Our close connection with regulators and exchanges, comprehension of the key issues and deep client insights help clients minimize impact to their daily operations.

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The future of investment banking

Powerful forces are altering the investment banking landscape. The ‘old ways’ of doing business need to change. Here are a few of the trends affecting the industry.

Global Exchanges article series

The global exchanges article series looks at key issues in the stock exchange space from the perspective of executives at stock exchanges across the world.
Rethinking operations and technology
Trade risk
Volcker Rule

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Cyber security in Capital Markets

Cyber Security

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