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MESA (Middle East and South Asia) is a region rich in opportunities for developing your skills, your knowledge, and your professionalism.
KPMG career opportunities in MESA
Across 15 countries, KPMG member firms offer an amazing diversity of clients – from oil and gas companies, to financial services companies, to the real estate sector and to Sovereign wealth funds. With practices of varying sizes and maturity available, you can gain deeper knowledge of a particular sector, and also get direct experience of getting a practice up and running.


This region can be broadly categorized into two areas:


  • Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC) — Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates
    These are wealthy and fast-growing economies driven largely by oil and gas reserves with large capex in infrastructure, oil and gas and real estate sectors.


  • South Asia, Egypt and Levant countries — Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka
    This is an incredibly diverse set of countries with ancient histories and economies at various stages of development, offering a unique set of challenges.


With ambitious growth plans for the region, KPMG firms can offer a dynamic and rewarding portfolio of relocations, each offering you the potential to progress your career and a great quality of life outside work.
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