• Service: Tax
  • Level: Manager
  • Joined: 2005
  • Location: Canada
Laura's pic

Tell us about how you joined KPMG.


Well I graduated with my bachelor degree and joined the Audit practice in Vancouver and then transferred into the Information, Communication and Entertainment Tax practice. I’ve been working here for four years and I love the variety in what I do - I could be working on five different issues for five different clients in five different industries in just one day.


So variety is good. Do you also get a say in how your career progresses and the kind of exposure you want?


For sure, my performance manager talks to me throughout the year about whether I’m getting experience in the areas I want. I work with a lot of clients who have European operations, so I asked if I could go on an assignment to Europe — and that’s what I’m doing now.


So, you’re on a 3 month rotation in Luxembourg?


Yes, it’s been wonderful, a great experience. I work with a lot of clients who have European operations, so I wanted to get an understanding of the different tax regimes. I applied through TaxTrek — which is a short-term assignment program that KPMG’s tax practice offers - and it’s been a really great opportunity.


Have you learned lots of new things?


There’s been a definite learning curve coming into a new office — making relationships with new people, and experiencing a different culture. We’re doing quite a bit of business development, because some new international treaties have required clients to rethink their financing structures. It’s been really interesting.


And you must be learning plenty more as Manager?


Yes, I think in the first few years at KPMG you’re really developing technical Tax or Audit skills, but when you become a Manager your focus shifts to softer skills — such as leadership, time management, project management. There’s also more responsibility, for deadlines, considering risk management, getting billings out on time. It’s definitely more challenging but I’m pleased to be doing it.

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