• Service: Audit
  • Level: Senior Manager
  • Joined: 2001
  • Location: Germany
Janos's pic

Tell us what you’ve been doing at KPMG.


I’ve been working on eAudit, a next-generation online tool which is being rolled out across KPMG member firms. I’ve been here in the US doing that for nearly three years, so I’ve seen all the highlights of its development. Besides working on the design of the eAudIT tool, a part of my day also involves training and supporting users regarding the use of the tool


So is the US your home country?


No, I’m originally from Hungary. I moved to Germany to work for KPMG in 2001 and spent 6 years there before getting the opportunity to go on rotation to the US.


Okay, so what’s it like being a German-speaking Hungarian national in the US?


Well, I’m used to speaking German so I spend a lot of time talking with Germans — but there’s also a Hungarian professional here, so I talk to him too. So I’ll be talking Hungarian, and my German colleagues don’t understand it, and when I’m speaking German the Americans don’t understand it. For me, it’s quite a mix.


Has that had any bearing on how you get the job done?


No. You don’t have to fear approaching people at KPMG. There is always someone listening. I’ve really had extremely good experience in approaching Partners for example, who I have to talk to regularly to get their thoughts on the eAudit tool. Plus I have to train a lot of people to train others how to use it.


What’s your thinking about training generally at KPMG?


KPMG is investing a lot of effort and time into training their people. When I was studying for my exams there was an opportunity to take off time to prepare. it’s an area that is really well supported. So, that sort of training gets you started.


But what about after that?


When you’re working in the field you normally have 2-4 weeks’ training throughout the year so you receive Audit and accounting-related training but also in the later years there is a lot of soft skills training as well — internal leadership and how to lead people, how to conduct an appraisal, that sort of thing.


So what’s next for you?


I’ll be going back to Germany. Working here has been very, very interesting and inspiring, but I’m also looking forward to working with clients again and helping my colleagues and teams make the most of the tools that I’ve helped develop.

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