• Service: Audit
  • Level: Senior Manager
  • Joined: 2000
  • Location: South Africa
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What do you like most about working at KPMG?


It’s really great being part of KPMG. It has a great culture, the people are amazing, the work that you do is challenging but there’s a fantastic support structure.


What sort of support do you mean?


Well, for example when I was studying for my Chartered Accountancy my Partners gave me time off and helped to reduce my workload so I could focus on my studies. Without their support it would have been very difficult.


And what about now you’re a Manager?


The people are always very supportive — they are interested in your well being, what you’re doing, how you’re doing. If you need some advice or support there’s always somebody to talk to. You can go to the highest level at KPMG and the door is always open.


So do you think KPMG has done good things for you as a person?


Well, by interacting with other KPMG people I’ve become more mature and more understanding of people’s needs. I was 21 when I joined KPMG and there was no way I could say I was worldly at all. It’s made me into the kind of person I am today — I’m hard working, I’m very dedicated, and I know what’s important.


And of course you must have come a long way professionally too.


When I came to KPMG I didn’t have any business exposure. I’ve learned everything I know from KPMG. Work-wise, I’ve had exposure to big clients in South Africa, including listed companies, and that has enabled me to interact with senior people in a number of businesses.


Do you get involved in any CSR work?


I’m involved in our business unit’s committee that organizes community events. Personally I sponsor a scheme that will put 5 children in school this year. I’m also part of an organization of black Chartered Accountants that contributes to the monthly grocery bill for a home for orphans. We also go and see the children at the orphanage every two months. So yes, I get involved, not because I have to but because I really want to. It’s important for me to give something back, and KPMG allows me to do that.

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