Helping to achieve a sustainable community in rural Mexico 

As part of its citizenship strategy, KPMG in Mexico joined with World Vision Mexico to undertake a program for creating a better and more sustainable quality of life in the El Cristiano community in Xilitla, San Luis Potosí, Mexico.
Sustainable community in Mexico

A program developed by KPMG professionals is helping local coffee growers in El Cristiano, Mexico to improve production and expand their businesses.

The program began with projects to provide better access to drinking water and to improve education and healthcare. The focus then turned to spurring greater economic growth with ideas and resources for better production and marketing of coffee, as coffee growing already supported the majority of the community’s families.

KPMG professionals conducted training sessions on topics including entrepreneurship, accounting and management, while also examining ways of improving crop yields and adding value in processing coffee beans. After determining that there was greater opportunity in organic coffee, KPMG assisted each coffee producer in obtaining organic coffee grower certification.

As a result, El Cristiano was selected in a rural supplier contest, paving the way for greater commercial sales of its coffee. KPMG teams are continuing their work, encouraging young entrepreneurs to expand the project. “Empowering local businesses is key,” said Jorge Moreno, Chief Operating Partner Officer and Chairman of Sustainability for KPMG in Mexico. “Our objective is to create projects that contribute to attaining a self-sustaining community that enhances the well-being of all its people.”

Citizenship – International Annual Review 2014

Citizenship at KPMG
KPMG professionals invest in building greater opportunities and quality of life for the people of our communities.