Supporting employees, suppliers and clients 

By informing and inspiring the employees of our member firms, KPMG's concern for the environment stretches beyond our office walls. KPMG member firm environment programs include the US firm's Living Green and Step Lightly at KPMG in Australia. Such programs raise awareness among employees of the importance of conservation and motivate them to contribute positively to the environment outside the workplace.

KPMG member firms are working to address the environmental impacts of their supply chain through multiple initiatives, including updating their procurement policies to address environmental considerations when purchasing goods and services. Several firms have also worked with conference venues to ensure that environmental sustainability is considered when planning events and meetings.

Transparent reporting on the Carbon Disclosure Project seeks to voluntarily inform clients and other external stakeholders on the emissions profile and strategies to manage the environmental impacts of KPMG International and KPMG member firms. We also work with like-minded clients to measure any environmental impacts in their supply chains through the multitude of services we provide for them.

Sustainable Insight

Every quarter we introduce topics shaping the sustainability debate & ones that have a direct impact on business & therefore require attention.

Climate Change and Sustainability Services

KPMG’s global network of climate change and sustainability practices helps you build long-term value in a rapidly changing world.