Audit Services 

Statutory Audits are performed by each of the ELLP firms for clients that are required to comply with specific statutory reporting requirements.

IFRS: International Financial Reporting Standards are being promoted as a single set of high quality, understandable and enforceable global standards. The adoption of IFRS in the EU, Australia, and many other countries from 2005 follows the global trend for enterprises to report under IFRS. ELLP firms have extensive experience in providing services for enterprises reporting under IFRS and can assist you in IFRS implementation and in doing so help you to seize the opportunity provided by IFRS.

U.S. GAAP Reporting Services: enables individual ELLP firms to assist clients with the application of, conformity with, and reporting under U.S. GAAP when required and as appropriate.

Prospective Reporting: services are typically provided by ELLP firms to existing audit clients who need prospective financial information to obtain financing from a bank or through an offering of securities. The services generally relate to the development and presentation of, and reporting on prospective financial information and provide either a report to the regulator or a report to other parties prepared under regulations provided by the regulator.

Other Forms of Audit and Attestation Reporting: include Non-Financial Audit services, and Royalty Audit and other forms of self-reporting. Organizations have realized that financial reports alone do not adequately communicate either opportunities or business risks. Europe firms' Non-Financial Audit services help clients learn how to define, capture, and report on non-financial indicators to help them find new ways to safeguard their reputations, build trust among their stakeholders, and, ultimately, improve their corporate performance.

For more information on country-specific services, visit the websites of the ELLP firms.

Member firm services

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