Private Equity 

The Private Equity Group in the ELLP firms (referred to as PEG) recognize that private equity is not just about the transaction. Rather, it is about a continuous cycle of fundraising, selected investment, portfolio management and successful realization.

Throughout this cycle, being able to understand the relationship between funds, the private equity house, portfolio companies and management teams is key. PEG has been set up to support clients at each stage and to help them make the appropriate decisions and to create value.


As the first accountancy organisation to have a dedicated private equity groups, the independent member firms of the KPMG network have continued to develop a global presence and professional teams. The tax, audit and advisory skills of our private equity professionals have helped to make ELLP among the market leaders; our record is marked by deal size, deal volume and experience across numerous industry sectors.


As an industry, private equity has developed at an incredible rate. From its beginnings in the 1940s and '50s, via a period of seminal change in the early 1980s, an industry has developed which is rarely out of the mainstream media. As the mid- and large-sized buyout market develops, the sector is seeing the emergence of more consortium deals, more cross-border activity and rigorous portfolio management. Larger Private Equity firms have increasingly developed their activities to become major global organisations and private equity markets continue to develop in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.


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* Excluding the Belgian audit practice

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