High Growth Markets 

The High Growth Markets practices of ELLP firms comprise of a network of emerging markets focused professionals.

Dynamic markets with high growth rates like China, India, Russia or Brazil have established themselves as an important growth area for European and global companies. A diligently performed market analysis and a flexible and future-proof international strategy are decisive here for investment success. Without specialists, and above all country-specific advisers, however, a foray into foreign economic lands can quickly end up as an expensive adventure.


ELLP firms have therefore bundled their emerging markets experience into its "High Growth Markets Practice". Specialists for the markets in China, India, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Korea, Vietnam, South Africa and Brazil work together and across sectors to support you with tried-and-tested strategies with your foreign activities.


For more information on country-specific services, visit the websites of the ELLP firms.

Member firm services

If you want to know more about our High Growth Markets services at KPMG Europe LLP, please visit the websites of our ELLP firms.



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