Let's keep in touch 

Dear KPMG alumnus,


we hope you consider the time you worked with KPMG developing and inspiring. We have started a KPMG Alumni Club and would like to invite you to join the Club. We wish to keep in touch with our former employees who have made their contribution to the improvement of KPMG.

As a Club member you have an access to

  • social networking tools to build and update relationships with your former colleagues; 
  • information about KPMG news, training opportunities, publications and researches;
  • alumni events;
  • discounts at KPMG seminars in Estonia.


Join KPMG’s global Alumni Network at LinkedIn.com and stay connected to your former colleagues around the world. Sign to become a member of this group here


For further information about KPMG Alumni Club, please choose Estonian language. 



Ada Bärenklau

Head of Marketing & Communications  

+372 6 268 792