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The Mark of a Leader

The Mark of a Leader

Golf champion Phil Mickelson shares KPMG's unwavering commitment to professionalism. Watch him talk about his passion to be the best.


In cooperation with the Estonian Golf School we introduce golf to the youth and support young golfers’ training activities.


Pulse of the Economy 2015

Pulse of the Economy 2015

KPMG’s Pulse of the Economy 2015 survey report gives an overview about opinions of business leaders from nine Central and Eastern Europe countries.

The report introduces their feedback on the outlook of national economies and the outlook for their companies.

Data is also available on the Pulse of Economy 2015 survey website www.kpmgpulsesurvey.com


KPMG InfoCourier - May 2016

KPMG InfoCourier - May 2016


  • Amendment to the Value-Added Tax Act
  • Amendment to the Income Tax Act
  • The form in law does not preclude or limit a non-profit association’s right to deduct input VAT
  • Insignificant errors in completing a purchase invoice do not rule out input VAT deduction
  • A person engaged in business cannot be deleted from the VAT register



KPMG in Estonia

KPMG in Estonia

KPMG Baltics OÜ

Narva mnt 5

Tallinn 10117


Tel:      +372 6 268 700

Fax:     +372 6 268 777

Email: kpmg@kpmg.ee

Registry code: 10096082


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