Her kan du finde de seneste udgaver af KPMG's publikationer inden for Advisory.
Strategic Visions on the Sourcing Market: 2014
CFO Survey 2013
The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013
Global profiles of the frauster
moving the bars
Nordic Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction (SPPS): 2013
pe equity
cyber mistakes
cyber intelligence
global manufacturing
Expectations of Risk Management
Business process outsourcing
supply chain
Integrity Survey 2013
People are the real numbers
Tune in to Talent
Outsourcing og offshoring
Rekonstruktion af kriseramte virksomheder
Virksomhedsfinansiering og markedet
Strategic Visions 2013: Shared Services & Outsourcing
Danske outsourcing- og SSC-trends 2012
Sustainable Insight
The Power Of Procurement
Keeping Score To Adding Value
India Anti-Money Laundering Survey 2012
Going Social
KPMG Internation CSR Survey 2011
Agenda Magazine 8
The Cost Boomerang
A new dawn
The refinancing wall
Undersøgelse om ejerskifte og værdioptimering
Whistleblower update 2011
Profile of a Fraudster
Green Power 2011
Global assignment
Analyse af revisionsudvalg
Dilemma game
A New Role for New Times
Indian Survey on Bribery and Corruption
Competing for Growth 2011
Procurement Fraud in Consumer Companies
Ledelseshåndbogen Controlleren
Appendix. Compliancefunktionens værdi, ansvar og opgaver
Compliancefunktionens værdi, ansvar og opgave.
Being the best
Powering ahead: 2010
Agenda Magazine Issue 5
Competing for Growth 2010
Determinants of M&A success
Agenda Magazine 4
Finance of the fututre
Rapportering om intern kontrol

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