Strategic visualisation in KPMG  

Are you fed up with endless PowerPoint presentations? Do you need to deliver complex messages that are hard to understand for your audience?

Are you about to start a project that involves many stakeholders and uncertain deadlines, responsibilities and milestones? Or are you arranging a workshop, where you want to use innovative methods and design?


KPMG offers a unique tool which enables you to navigate in complexity, shorten processes, increase efficiency, reduce setbacks and increase engagement. Strategic visualisation combines extensive needs assessments with simple visualisation of complex issues. The method, which is also called graphic facilitation, is used for many purposes and in various processes, including presentations, effective meeting design, project start-up as well as strategy development and implementation.

Our strategic visualisation team is trained within communication, visualisation and facilitation and works closely with KPMG's experts in tax, audit and advisory services.

We have extensive experience from international, private and public organisations where we have helped create clarity, develop sustainable solutions, increase ownership among stakeholders and generate project cost savings.


Our services

  • Project start-up. Get an overview of the phases, stakeholders, success criteria and actions of your project.
  • Presentation material. Communicate your complex message in one strategic picture.
  • Workshop. Let us design, facilitate and following up on your value-, strategy or implementation workshop.
  • Visual resume. We visualise conferences, workshops and seminars – in one large picture.
  • Training. Unlock your visual potential.

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