Accounting policy manual and the annual report 

Are you concerned that poorly drafted policies and omissions from your accounting policy manuals may result in errors and inconsistent application of accounting requirements? Do your accounting policy choices present group results in the most appropriate way to investors and analysts? Do you need support in preparing an annual report that is fully compliant with all disclosure requirements?

Accounting policy and the annual report

We can help you ensure that your accounting policy manual reflects all the latest accounting requirements and is presented in a user friendly way which suits your company or group. We can review your annual report to ensure compliance with disclosure requirements and to highlight accounting policy choices that may present results in a more appropriate way to investors.


For your accounting policy manual, we can:


  • confirm the technical accuracy of the manual,
  • update policies to reflect accounting developments,
  • benchmark policies against industry norms,
  • add further explanatory text as appropriate, including diagrammatic illustrations/tables,
  • expand the manual to cover all areas that are relevant to the company or group,
  • add future development sections where relevant,
  • highlight accounting policy choices and the implications of each option,
  • reformat the manual for ease of reference. 


 For your statutory annual report, we can:  


  • prepare statutory annual report,
  • perform pre-issuance compliance reviews of the annual report or specific notes,
  • provide support in drafting specific disclosures
  • benchmark against industry peers.



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Head of Financial Reporting Advisory Services

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Senior Manager

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Improved annual reporting

Improved annual reporting

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