Bookkeeping assistance Greenland 

With a little help from KPMG's bookkeeping assistance services, you can spend more time on your business activities and less time on administration.

Bookkeepting assistance in Greenland

What will you gain?


  • Freedom to focus on your core business and running your day to day operations
  • Up to date bookkeeping which will quickly give you an overview of the status of your business
  • Flexible assistance tailored to your needs which will minimize your wage costs
  • Professional bookkeeping services – and back up services in the event of absence, etc. will be KPMG’s responsibility
  • A valuable business partner KPMG has built up a wealth of long-standing knowledge and expertise on how to run a bookkeeping department efficiently and cheaply for the benefit of our clients.


What can we offer?


  • keep track of your clients and monitor their payments to ensure that you get your money
  • ensure that your suppliers are paid on time, and we can monitor account statements so that you pay on time and avoid late payment charges, incorrect payments, etc.
  • ensure that your cash flows are updated and balanced
  • manage your cash register reports and record them electronically
  • manage your payroll administration so that you don’t have to think about salary payments, deadlines and rules
  • manage your assets in the fixed assets register
  • use our financial management system so you don’t have to invest in expensive new programs

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Jens Vinther Frederiksen

Phone +299 58 45 10