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No matter where you are in your career you will always find many opportunities in KPMG.

Audit trainees


When you are an audit trainee, each day will hold many challenges and a mix of training and practical experience. You will be given tasks, responsibility as well as personal and professional challenges which increase as you develop your competences. In KPMG, we strive to educate the best accountants in the country.


Our KPMG Audit Business School offers you a targeted and interesting training programme that optimally prepares you for the accountant job. In other words, you will be well-prepared for the future with KPMG on your resume.


You will typically have either a higher commercial examination and/or be in the process of taking or have taken a BSc in Economics and Business Administration, the Graduate Diploma in Business Adminitration or MSc in Business Administration and Auditing.




You will receive an education without limitations, you will have plenty of possibilities to develop your competences, a large network and wide knowledge of the Danish and international business sectors.


In KPMG, the typical educational background is social science with an emphasis on economics: MSc in Business Administration and Auditing, MSc in Finance, MSc in Economics, but especially in our advisory teams and staff functions the educational background varies and comprises e.g. Master of Laws, different MSc degrees in Economics and Business Administration and a number of human science educations.




Are you ready to climb up the career ladder? Or devote yourself to challenging specialist issues? And do you have strong competences within auditing and advisory? If the answer is yes, at KPMG, you will be able to speed up your career – whether as a specialist, partner or something else.

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