Fehmarn Belt 

Both in the planning, construction and operating phases, the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel will provide new opportunities for Danish and foreign operations and, in the long term, result in a fundamental change in the region. Together with our German colleagues we provide specialized advising on among other things taxation in Germany. We can offer to prepare you for utilising the opportunities.

Broad competences from two countries

Our Fehmarn group consists of auditors and advisors with the necessary experience and expertise in Danish-German matters who can advise you and your enterprise on among other things taxation in Germany. The group has been established in cooperation with KPMG in Germany so that we can provide sustainable solutions taking special circumstances in both countries into consideration.


We have extensive experience from previous Danish infrastructure projects and we have also an Øresund group which, before, during and after the construction of the Øresund Bridge, has provided advisory services to enterprises in Denmark and Sweden in relation to implications, opportunities and pitfalls in the Øresund Region.


In this way, we combine our knowledge of tax, VAT and accounting legislation with our industry-specific knowledge in our Building, Construction and Real Estate and Public Sector practices, including our experience from other large infrastructure projects.

Services provided by the Fehmarn group

Among other things, we can help your enterprise clarify a number of issues:


  • Should the enterprise be established in Germany, or may the activity be handled by the enterprise in Denmark? 
  • Which type of enterprise will be appropriate – subsidiary or branch?
  • Should the enterprise be formed in Germany, or should an existing enterprise be acquired?
  • How is the enterprise to be financed? Is the enterprise eligible for government grants?

Tax, social security and VAT:

  • Which tax and VAT implications will arise from the enterprise's participation in the planning or establishment of the Fehmarn link?
  • How will tax and social legislation affect the choice of employing staff in Denmark or Germany?
  • How will the enterprise be taxed? Will there be a risk of double taxation?
  • Do the German rules on VAT, duties and customs deviate from the corresponding Danish rules?
  • Will it be possible to reduce the payroll tax in Germany? Are there any exemption clauses in the social security legislation?
    Operation and development:
  • Who can help identify market and competition conditions?
  • How will Danish and German accounting regulation affect the annual report? How will it affect the set-up of ERP systems and the planning of bookkeeping?
  • What possibilities will Management have to develop, manage and improve the efficiency of business activities?

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Contact us

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Tax Partner

Telefon +45 73 23 36 83


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Fehmarn Belt

The Fehmarn Belt Tunnel is the biggest planned infrastructure project in northern Europe.



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