Get a handle on your financial statements and accounting processes 

Do you need leading accounting insights relevant to your business? In need of assistance from a team of dedicated specialists, who combine in-depth knowledge of accounting requirements and financial reporting processes with practical, commercial experience?? For many companies, obtaining specialist accounting advice can be an effective way of remaining at the forefront of financial reporting developments.

KPMG's Financial Reporting Advisory Services (FRAS) helps companies with a wide variety of accounting matters, including: advice on internal and external financial reporting; impact assessments of new legislation and standards; assistance with corporate communication and reporting strategies; systems and processes optimisation and training.


In providing our advisory services, we will help you reach a robust accounting outcome in the context of reporting objectives, commercial reality and regulatory requirements.  Throughout we maintain a broad  business perspective - it's not just about accounting - we also consider and highlight: impacts on:


  • underlying systems and processes
  • key financial ratios
  • internal and external financial reporting
  • corporate communication and reporting strategies


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Hans Peter Lindegård Buhrkal

Head of Financial Reporting Advisory Services
Phone +45 73 23 39 21





David Vestengen Hopkins

Senior Manager

Phone +45 73 23 66 37