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KPMG PRI's Commitment to Independence and Impartiality 

In its role as an accredited certification body and greenhouse gas (GHG) validation/verification body, KPMG PRI understands the importance of ensuring that independence and impartiality are maintained in the provision of management systems, chain of custody certification, and GHG assurance services to clients. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of KPMG LLP, KPMG PRI is committed to complying with all of the firms detailed procedures for ensuring independence and impartiality.

KPMG PRI is independent of any organization for whom we provide certification validation or verification services. Further, we will never engage in activities that may affect our independence of judgment and integrity in relation to our certification validation or verification activities. All members of KPMG PRI are required to adhere to KPMG's Risk Management Manual – Canada relating to independence and conflicts of interest. It is each employee and contractor's responsibility to inform the leadership of KPMG PRI of any circumstances that may potentially:


  • Place them in an actual or perceived conflict of interest
  • Cause them to lack independence
  • Cause an impairment of impartiality.


Where such potential exists, we are committed to taking the steps necessary to ensure that our independence and impartiality are maintained in the provision of management systems certification services and GHG assurance services to clients.

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Christopher I. Ridley-Thomas

Christopher I. Ridley-Thomas

President, KPMG Performance Registrar Inc.