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KPMG PRI maintains comprehensive information (client name, locations covered by the certificate, standard(s), scope of certification, certificate expiry date, etc.) regarding certifications that have been granted, suspended or withdrawn. Information regarding the current status of certifications granted by KPMG PRI is available on request.

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Survey of Corporate Responsibility (CR) Reporting 2015


Survey of Corporate Responsibility (CR) Reporting 2015

KPMG International has released the 9th edition of the Survey of Corporate Responsibility (CR) Reporting 2015 [PDF 1.93 MB], marking 22 years since the first CR survey was published in 1993. The survey is published primarily for business leaders, company boards and CR and sustainability professionals – this year it covers a record 45 countries and 4500 companies. The survey also offers a deep-dive into the quality of carbon reporting among the world’s largest 250 companies - a topical issue given the UN Climate Talks (COP21) to be held in Paris from November 30 through December 11, 2015.