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CSA Z809 Sustainable Forest Management Certification 

KPMG, through KPMG Performance Registrar Inc., is an accredited certifier that offers management system assessment, training and certification services to assist organizations in meeting the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association's Z809 Standard.


Canada's National Sustainable Forest Management Standard, CAN/CSA Z809 refers to the way a forest is managed to maintain and enhance the long-term health of forest ecosystems for current and future generations.


This national standard is unique in that it includes the following components:


  • Public participation – ongoing involvement and dialogue with community stakeholders
  • Performance – requires compliance with Canadian Council of Forest Ministers’ set of Sustainable Forest Management criteria
  • Systems – goes beyond other standards to implement, track and monitor performance.

The Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Standard utilizes a continual improvement approach, and takes into account environmental, social and economic factors. Companies are required to conduct a Third Party independent audit to become certified to the standard. When implemented effectively, the standard gives the community a voice in the way their forests are managed.

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