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Insights from Globe 2014 - Launching September 9, 2014


In March 2014, more than 1,800 delegates from 45 countries convened in Vancouver, Canada for North America's largest sustainable business summit, GLOBE 2014.


On September 9, 2014, GRI North America and KPMG in Canada will release a paper capturing the perspective of surveyed participants on corporate transparency - why it matters, for whom it matters and how it impacts business strategy today and in the future.


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The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013
The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013 [PDF 6.88Mb]
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William (Bill) J. Murphy

William (Bill) J. Murphy

National Leader, Climate Change & Sustainability Services


“Corporate Responsibility reporting is now a standard business practice across the country, and companies that do not publish a report may be putting themselves at risk of falling behind their competitors. The important questions to now ask are ‘what are our most significant environmental and social impacts?', ‘how are we managing these?' and 'how should we report our performance and progress?’”