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Global Oil and Gas Centers of Excellence 

KPMG’s Oil and Gas Center of Excellence located in Calgary is your point of access for the valuable experience we can offer locally and around the world.

Each Center:

  • Includes professionals dedicated to the oil and gas industry
  • Is led by a recognized senior industry practitioner
  • Takes part in a global Center of Excellence conference call bi-monthly meeting, ensuring we keep abreast of industry trends, share best practices and provide coordinated service offerings
  • Supports KPMG's Global Client Service Teams by matching our clients' business issues with our service offerings, delivering value-added services, training, and sharing best practices
  • Helps drive the mobility of KPMG's global network and consistency of service delivery, including in remote locations of importance to oil and gas market leaders
  • Develops regular thought leadership on key commercial issues impacting business in the region and around the globe
  • Provides ongoing oil and gas industry training for our people and for our clients, if required


What are the Benefits for You?


Access to a broader depth of knowledge


The Centers of Excellence offer greater access to industry professionals, around the globe, as you require it. Our people are backed by industry-focused methodologies and technological, Web-based knowledge management support frameworks which offers a broader knowledge and support to our clients.


Delivering ideas and knowledge to support our clients


The Center produces regular commentary on issues impacting the sector. This includes surveys on the industry, commentary on the impact of business trends, changes in regulations and knowledge services on the commercial, risk and financial challenges of doing business.


Assistance with international acquisitions


The Centers can actively help clients identify acquisitions, mergers or asset opportunities or support your transactions in key locations around the world. We can assist international investors with services delivered by professionals who know the local oil and gas industry.


We can assist with some key areas of your business, such as:

  • Taxation, financial and regulatory advice
  • Company and asset mergers, acquisitions and divestments
  • International taxation structuring, compliance and advice
  • Project due diligence for the assessment of new ventures and investments
  • Valuations and independent reports
  • Monitoring expenditure for capital-intensive projects
  • Assessing joint venture investments and risk
  • Assessing and guiding knowledge information systems governance, security and risk management
  • Effective communication of business performance to key stakeholders
  • Responding to the changing corporate governance environment
  • Advice on environmental and stakeholder issues, including sustainability reporting reviews, global reporting initiative developments and greenhouse gas issues and audits
  • Preparing and managing the change to IFRS
  • Provision of statutory financial statement audits and risk advisory services
  • Internal audit services and advice
  • Support for international executives and staff