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Initial Public Offering (IPO) Services 

Going public represents a significant milestone in the development of a company – one that can help increase publicity, expand business and marketing opportunities, and elevate the company’s image. How well a company handles the wide range of IPO complexities can determine the overall success of the offering – and the company’s transition into the marketplace. That's where KPMG's IPO Services team can help. Our team was created to help pre-IPO companies meet those kind of challenges, remain ahead of the curve, and keep their businesses moving in the right direction.

A Guide to Going Public

A Guide to Going Public

The KPMG Guide to Going Public will provide you with deeper insights, clarity and answers you need as you embark on the IPO journey.
Visit the publication webpage to learn more.

IPO Insights

KPMG's IPO Insights article series is designed to provide meaningful business insights to help you better understand what it takes to go public. You will find practical, realistic perspectives to guide you — before, during and after the IPO process.


IFRS Transition for Private Companies

IFRS transition for private companies [PDF 89.2 KB] - Plan for substantial data collection and considerable work


By Luzita Kennedy, Partner, Accounting Advisory Services, KPMG in Canada

The benefits of going green

The benefits of going green [PDF 342 KB] - Green bonds offer an opportunity to diversify your investor base - but are they right for your company?


By Arnaud Van Dijk, Senior Manager, Sustainability Services, KPMG in Canada


Recommended Reading: Sustainable Insight: Gearing up for green bonds

Stakeholder communication is critical to a successful IPO

Stakeholder communication is critical to a successful IPO [PDF 156KB] - On the same page, reading the same message, telling the same story


By Jason Brown, Partner, Audit, Calgary, KPMG in Canada

Striking while the IPO market is hot

Striking while the IPO market is hot [PDF 78KB] - IPO activity is on the rise, but the timing needs to be right


By Sukesh Kumar, Partner, Audit, Vancouver, KPMG Enterprise

Tips for Navigating Your Listing Options

Tips for Navigating Your Listing Options [PDF 109KB] - Selecting the Right Market and Exchange Involves Some Critical Decisions

By Mahesh Mani, Partner, Audit and IPO Champion in Ottawa, KPMG in Canada

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Avoiding Common Pitfalls [PDF 1.22MB] - How to Manage the Challenges of Preparing for an IPO 

By Salma Salman, Partner, National IPO Practice Leader, Audit

IPO Resources

IPO Readiness Assessment

KPMG's IPO Readiness Assessment will assist you in assessing your readiness to go public, continue as a public company and to remediate gaps identified during the assessment.


Our assessment will round off with a report that provides:


  • A high level roadmap to executing a successful IPO, including:
  • Gaps identified in the areas of focus
  • Actionable recommendations and work plan to remediate gaps identified
  • Plan to assist our clients in prioritization and monitoring of tasks and milestones to be achieved.


To conduct an IPO Readiness assessment today, please get in touch.

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Salma Salman

Salma Salman

Partner, National IPO Practice Leader, Audit


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