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Opening up two-way trade and investment 


The U.S. has always been Canada’s number one trading partner so it’s hardly surprising, then, that according to this quarter’s C-Suite survey [PDF 363 KB], executives are nearly unanimous in feeling that the US should be Canada’s top priority “when it comes to opening up two-way trade and investment.” The sentiment is perhaps bolstered by a prevailing sense of the US’ improving economic strength and perceived resurgent growth prospects, as well as proximity to Canada.

In terms of the economy overall, we see a pronounced lack of confidence, with a 20-point drop in the number of executives who expect Canada's economy to grow. Although growth expectation is relatively positive in Ontario, the outlook on the economy is quite pessimistic in Alberta and among resources/oil & gas companies.

Watch KPMG’s Beth Wilson discuss executives’ views on the outlook for oil and national growth prospects.


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Trade Prioritization

  • Executives were nearly unanimous in saying the US should be the top priority for Canada when it comes to opening up two-way trade and investment
  • Half of the execs said that the EU (54%) and China (51%) should be top priorities. Specifically, we see a 15% drop as compared to last year in interest when assessing China as a priority for expanded Canadian trade
  • Mexico and India are the next highest priorities for the C-suite with about four in ten saying they should be top priorities.


Canadian Economy

  • The outlook is most pessimistic in Alberta and among resources/oil & gas companies, while it is relatively positive in Ontario
  • There is no consensus as to whether Canada is in recession - 53% agreed the Canadian economy is "in a recession at the current time"
  • Most executives with ROB1000 companies still expect their business will grow. However, 23% said their business will not grow over the next 12 months - up 4 points since last quarter.
  • The outlook for the US economy is better: 93% expect the US economy will grow in the next 12 months compared to 47% saying the same for Canada's economy


Willy J. Kruh

Willy J. Kruh

Global Chairman, Consumer Markets


Beth Wilson

Beth Wilson

Managing Partner, Toronto and Canadian Managing Partner, Community Leadership


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