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At Risk is a semi-annual magazine from KPMG’s Forensic practice. It is designed to help make sense of emerging regulatory, legal, and economic trends affecting our clients and their external legal counsel.
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This issue of At Risk, volume 6, no.1, we look at topics relating to everyday fraud and its prevention, detection and investigation.


Procurement Fraud

Procurement Fraud, Are You Prepared?

Pressures and incentives, opportunity, and rationalization – it's the recipe for fraud, any type of fraud. Abuse within the procurement cycle is common and can be damaging whether in the form of financial losses or reputational damage. How prepared are you?

Gaining Access

Gaining Access: Using Legal Tools to Get Information

In civil litigation, accessing and preservation of evidence is critical to successfully proving allegations. Whether you are on the side of the Plaintiff or Defense, this article provides critical information regarding the Anton Piller Order, the Norwich Pharmacal Order, and the assistance that forensic accountants and forensic computer specialists can offer.

Whistle-Blower Protections: From Boos and Jeers to Bounties and Cheers

Whistle-Blower Protections: From Boos and Jeers to Bounties and Cheers

On the field, referees blow a whistle to stop play when he sees something amiss. In the business world, 'whistle-blowing' is used to report criminal or unethical practices within or by an organization. While referees and whistle-blowers are sometimes vilified for the calls they make, the issuance of recent legislation now provides financial incentives or "bounties" to reporters of wrongdoing and outlines the protection available to them. This article provides a perspective on the concerns and challenges surrounding the Dodd-Frank Act as it relates to whistle-blowers and the critical considerations on this subject for Canadian companies.

Beyond the Pursuit of Justice – Employers' Reactions to Fraud

Beyond the Pursuit of Justice – Employers' Reactions to Fraud

This article explores the considerations an organization may take when determining a course of action in response to defrauding by service provider or employee. Before jumping into an investigation, your objectives and desired outcomes must be weighed. Often, your decision may be business driven rather than a pursuit of justice.


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